Gerund and invinitive exercises

Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris
Setelah kita mempelajari tentang gerund dan invinitive sekarang mari kita melatih keduanya dalam soal yang disajikan berikut ini.
Complete the words with gerund, invinitive and or whithout to!
(Lengkapi kata-kata dengan gerund,invinitive dan atau tanpa keduanya)

1. Let me ( help) you ( get) the answer right.
2. we have decided (allow) him (do ) as he pleases
3. He is fond of (try) (mend) brocken clocks.
4. We hope (have) an opportunity of (see) him tomorrow.
5. i saw him (help) her ( cook) the dinner.
6. Would you mind (watch) the teacher (demonstrate)?
7. For some time we watched them (try) (catch) fish.
8. i don't understand him (ask) me (wash) his car.
9. i enjoy (rest) in the afternoon.
10. Have you see them ( watch) us (eat) our dinner?.

" goog luck"(semoga sukses)^^

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